PTA fundraising should be carried out within the framework of National PTA’s policies, Federal and State laws, and Knox County School Policies. A PTA should never undertake any form of fundraising that may be detrimental to character building. 

As  TN Department of Revenue sales tax exempt entity, all local unit PTAs are restricted to two (2) 30-day fundraising periods if they wish to remain exempt from paying sales tax. The two (2) 30-day fundraising periods may be planned at the discretion of the local unit Board of Managers with individual fundraising activities approved through Knox County Schools (See forms below). A fundraiser is defined as any activity in which monetary funds are exchanged for tangible product. Note: Membership dues do NOT constitute fundraising. Donations made to the local unit PTA in which there is no exchange of tangible product are NOT considered a fundraising activity.

All School Support Organizations (SSOs) including local unit PTAs MUST receive approval for any and all fundraising activities if utilizing the school facility in any way. Please note the Knox County Schools Board of Education policy regarding this below. Before fundraising, please complete the form attached below and send to KCS employee Garret Raiden at least 30 days in advance of any and all fundraising activities for approval.

KCS Board of Education Policy for Fundraising Activities:
“The school support organization shall obtain the approval of the Director of Schools or the Director of Schools’ designee before undertaking any fundraising activity that utilizes any property or facilities owned or operated by the local education authority. The Director of Schools or the Director of Schools’ designee shall consider, at a minimum, the following when approving or denying a request by a school support organization to engage in a fundraising activity.”

 a. Whether the fundraising activity, as scheduled, conflicts with the fundraising activity of the school district or an individual school within that district; and,

 b. Whether the fundraising activity is consistent with the goals and mission of the school or school district.”

For more information about School Support Organizations (SSOs),  including required forms to be completed before the start of the school year, click here

KCS School Group Proposed Fundraising Activities Form

Questions? Contact KCC President: Barry Myers  865.414.3485
KCC Local Unit Liaison: Tammy Crowe 

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