Knox County Council
2017-2018 Executive Committee

Barry Myers       865.414.3485 (c)

Executive Vice President:

Alicia Hill      865.406.2027 (c)

1st Vice-President (Membership):
Olivia Alfrey     865-297-8753 (c)

2nd Vice-President (Programs):
Jen Mowrer   865-335-7281 (c)

3rd Vice-President (Local Unit Liaison/Mentoring):
Tammy Crowe   865-964-9166 (c)

Recording Secretary:
Tonya Cambre

Tracey Ford        865.850.0047 (c)

Sandra Rowcliffe     865.603.5851 (c)

Past President:
Sandra Rowcliffe     865.603.5851 (c)

2017-2018 Board of Managers

Citizenship Chair:

Heather McKeehan     865-257-7505 (c)

Newsletter Chair:

Mike Crowe

Reflections Chair:

Anita Patel     865-384-4447 (c)

Safety Contest:

Dina Augustus     865-919-4818 (c)

Special Events Chair:
Becky Hatfield     865-356-5501 (c)

Special Needs Chair:

Nicole Siegel     865.771.4977

Alicia Hill      865.406.2027


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