Join the County-Wide PTA!

Child advocates not currently affiliated with a local PTA/PTSA school are invited to join the Knox County Council PTA At-Large Unit.  County-wide unit members will have all the benefits of association in Council, State, and National PTA.  Standard membership as a county-wide PTA member will help support child advocacy activities, parent education initiatives, volunteer leadership development and student competitions in citizenship, cultural arts and safety. To join the At-Large PTA Unit complete the Membership form below and mail with payment!

If you are affiliated with a local PTA/PTSA school, we encourage you to become a member there first.       

To view/download the 2017-2018 KCCALL Membership Form, click here 

For more information about membership in the Knox County Council PTA, please contact Olivia Alfrey, 1st Vice President/Membership Chairman, by calling 865.310.6210 or email 

For more information about how to become more involved in a leadership role with Knox County Council PTA , please contact Barry Myers, President, by calling 865.414.3485 or email 

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