• Elect your officers for 2016-2017 in April or May, check your bylaws.
  • Complete the KCC New Officer form and mail to Barry Myers, President of Knox County Council PTA. Found HERE
  • Complete the Knox County School’s SSO (School Support Organization Forms) (found HERE) and return to Garret Raiden electronically via the School Support Organization Annual Registration or by mail or email: 

Garret Raiden, Supervisor of Student Activities Funds
Knox County Schools
912 South Gay Street, 17th Floor
Knoxville, TN 37901
(office) 865.594.1308     (cell) 678.898.6425     (fax) 865.594.1980

  • Close out your school year on a positive note – thank your teachers and principal.
  • Access any needs that might be apparent for students over the summer that PTA could address.
  • Remember as President you are NOT a dictator but rather a leader, an organizer. You have one vote just as everyone else on your board and within your membership.
  • Keep lines of communication open with your Principal.
  • Contact KCC PTA with questions or concerns.

Have Questions? Contact KCC President: Barry Myers  865.414.3485
KCC Local Unit Liaison:  

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