The president is elected by the members to lead the PTA and to conduct PTA business in accordance with the bylaws.

The president works with the principal and assistant principals, other board officers, teachers, PTA members, and the school community to develop and fulfill specific goals that reflect the PTA’s mission and are approved by the members.

Particular tasks and procedures vary from local PTA unit to local PTA unit so check your PTA’s bylaws, standing rules if you have them, and/or the procedure book for information about the president’s duties in your PTA. And always be in touch with Knox County Council PTA and TN PTA.

Responsibilities of Local Unit Presidents:

  • Lead the PTA
  • Preside over meetings
  • Represent the PTA
  • Take active role in administration – including financial and legal obligations
  • Maintain ongoing communication with members
  • Foster relationships
  • Any other duties outlined in your Standing Rules and Bylaws

Have Questions? Contact KCC President: Barry Myers  865.414.3485
KCC Local Unit Liaison: 

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