Unit Compliance Checklist

Please make sure that all of the following items are taken care of in order to be considered a “Unit in Good Standing” under Knox County Council PTA, Tennessee PTA, and National PTA policies and bylaws.

I.  Complete and submit Newly Elected Officer Form to Knox County Council PTA

II. Review Bylaws & Standing Rules; update as needed. Bylaws MUST be reviewed every 5 years, presented to General Membership for approval, and then submitted to Tennessee PTA for approval.

III. Audit Report Form – Please make sure that end of the year audit is completed and a copy is sent to Tennessee PTA state office for record. You should also present this report at your 1st General Meeting of the new year.

IV. 990 Tax Filing – Make sure to file local unit 990 taxes by November 15th. Failure to report taxes for 3 consecutive years will result in revocation of 501c3 status and will result in a very timely amount of paperwork in order to reverse revocation. Submit a copy of tax filing to Tennessee PTA state office for record.

V. Membership dues and Reporting – Local units must have at least 20 members and dues paid for the 20 members in order to be a functioning unit. Remember to submit membership reports and dues on a quarterly basis. Membership dues are as follows: National PTA $2.25, TN PTA $1.50, KCC PTA $0.25, this is a combined total of $4.00 per membership.

All forms and information needed in order to complete the unit compliance standards can be found on this website or www.tnpta.org!

If you have any questions or concerns about Unit Compliance or Reinstating as a PTA or PTSA, please contact Knox County Council PTA President, Barry Myers, at

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