As a school principal, administrator, or board member, you know all about shrinking budgets, increasing class sizes, and government mandates on testing and instruction. You face multiple challenges. PTA® can help!

PTA offers:
• Programs and resources to support family engagement and student success
• Exclusive grants and awards—for healthy lifestyles, arts education, parent involvement, family-school partnerships
 Leadership tools and training, including a volunteer management system and guidance in money matters
• A national community and professional support

With all this behind them, PTAs are equipped to run their units locally, to best serve their schools.

There are all kinds of parent groups out there, but there is only one PTA. Part of school and family life for over 110 years, PTA is the defining organization for parent involvement.

Partner with PTA.

For information on how to start a local unit PTA in your school, contact KCC PTA President Barry Myers at

Please find below a helpful guidebook for building partnerships between PTA leaders and the Principal.

KCC PTAs Principals and PTA Guidebook

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