Grades K-8
2017-2018 Poster: “Safety Can Be Fun”

Grades 6-12
2017-2018 Multi Media: “Look to the Signs”



  • All entries for countywide competition are due to the Knox County Council PTA by the KCC PTA deadline.
  • The Local Unit PTA submitting the entry must be a unit in good standing in accordance with Tennessee PTA Bylaws. To be in good standing a Local Unit PTA must, in summary:  adhere to the purposes and policies of PTA, submit a membership report and appropriate due to Tennessee PTA by December 1 (maintaining a minimum membership of 20), have up-to-date bylaws, submit an Audit Report Form to Tennessee PTA by September 1, and file the appropriate Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by November 15 and submit a copy of its receipt to Tennessee PTA by November 20.
  • County winners will be forwarded to the Tennessee PTA for statewide competition by the TN PTA deadline. 
  • County winners will be honored locally at the “Celebrating Our Students & Honoring Our Founders” Awards Ceremony on .
  • State winners will be honored at an event at the Tennessee PTA Convention.

For additional Information, please contact Barry Myers, KCC President at


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