School Support Organization (SSO) Forms: (check with your Local Unit President who should send in paper work)

Knox County Schools is enforcing several School Support Organization (SSO) policies and procedures. Included in the required paperwork is a Fundraising Form that must be submitted to Knox County School before any fundraising activities may occur. To view/download SSO forms click here.

Local Unit Audit:
Local Unit financial records must be audited and an Audit Report Form completed and sent to KCC PTA and TN PTA by September 15, 2017. For more information about audits, click here.

Local Unit Tax Return:
Your local unit E990 tax return MUST be filled with the IRS no later than November 15, 2017. Email confirmation of tax filling MUST be forwarded to KCC PTA and TN PTA. For more information about tax returns, click here.

Local Unit Insurance:
Check your local unit records to determine when your local unit insurance needs to be renewed. For more information on insurance, click here.

Have questions? Contact KCC Treasurer: Tracey Ford  865.850.0047

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