Particular tasks and procedures vary from local PTA unit to local PTA unit so check your PTA’s bylaws, standing rules if you have them, and/or the procedure book for information about the treasurer’s duties in your PTA. And always be in touch with Knox County Council PTA and TN PTA.

Responsibilities of Local Unit Treasurers:

  • Track and record financial transactions including:
    • Membership
    • Donations
    • Receipts
    • Disbursements
  • Report and provide timely financial information to the PTA
  • Keep the PTA Compliant with rules and regulations
    • Reporting to government agencies
    • Reporting to state PTA (through local channels)
  • Custodian of PTA funds as elected by members
  • Any other duties outlined in your Standing Rules and Bylaws

Have questions? Contact KCC Treasurer: Tracey Ford  865.850.0047

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